Solatube Days of Summer
Find out how you can bundle and save.
Solatube Days of Summer
Daylighting and Nightlighting.
Now all in one system.
Daylighting and Nightlighting. Now all in one system.
Idea-to-Install. It really is this easy.
1 Call. 1 Consultant. 1 Day.
Installed in as little as 2 hours, the process is unbelievably simple.
Find out how easy the process can be
Attic & Shed Fans
Remove hot air from your attic and shed.

• Solar-powered, saves energy costs
• Protects your roof and attic
• No electrical connection required
Attic & Shed Fans
What's cooler than a whole house fan?
The fact that we now offer installation, starting with a free in-home consultation.
Let the sun shine in
Solatube Daylighting Systems installed in 2 hours
Installs in 2 hours or less
Add form to function
Decorative fixtures only available from Solatube
Add form to function with Decorative Fixtures

Welcome to Sola-Lite of Inland Empire

We’ve been bringing daylight indoors to homeowners in California just like you. Why? Quite simply, we believe everyone deserves to have more sunshine in their lives.

With Solatube Daylighting Systems, sometimes called tubular skylights, sun tubes or solar tubes, you can enjoy pure, bright, natural sunlight throughout your home.

Areas of service

We proudly service all of San Bernardino County, Riverside County, East Los Angeles County, and northern San Diego County and have daylighting experts on call ready to provide you with the utmost in customer service.

Friendly experts that come to you

As the only company with a team of dedicated daylighting experts, we make it our aim to know more about daylighting than anyone else. During a free, in-home consultation, one of our factory-trained Certified Installation Consultants (CICs) will provide answers to questions like…

  • Which model is right for my needs?
  • How are Solatube Daylighting Systems are better than skylights?Can I add LED lights to the Solatube product?
  • What is the best placement in my room?
  • How many systems do I need?
  • Should I add accessories, such as a dimmer, decorative fixture, or light kit?
  • How long is installation going to take?
  • How much will all this cost?

Finally…home improvement without the hassle

After customizing the best lighting solution for you, we can install it the same day. In fact, many homeowners are so happy with their first Solatube product installation, they have us install more that very same day. If you’re not quite ready to decide, that’s okay too. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable home improvement experience.

Naturally bright, happy homes

Over and over, customers have told us that switching to natural light changed their lives for the better. The only complaint? They wish they’d done it years earlier. Don’t make the same mistake. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have a brighter, happier, more beautiful home.

Please visit our showroom at: 1611 Pomona Rd, #C, Corona, CA 92880

Apr 4, 2018
Google SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
Great bunch of people!!! They make our job so much easier. Sure do miss DAN.
Oct 9, 2017
Facebook SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
Just had mine installed Saturday wow what a difference planning a kitchen remodel and it will definitely include this wonderful item
Sep 18, 2017
SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
I am so happy that I decided to install solatube in two bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. It has made such a difference. I never have to turn on the light in these rooms. I love that they all have a night light in them. I always had to have the light on in the kitchen, whether it was sunny or gloomy. Now, I don't need to turn the light on to cook. One of my neighbors came over, and couldn't believe the difference it made. She contacted Solatube to have them install a couple in her house. This was money well spent, and their service is Excellent!!
Sep 13, 2017
SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
We are fully enjoying our solar tubes...what a difference in our small townhouse...thank you very Everyone remarks about all the light...the beveled glass brings beautiful images on the wall...
Sep 13, 2017
SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
Good professional and clean job by the installer and good costumer service
Sep 13, 2017
SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
The installation of the solatube was quick, clean and seemed uncomplicated. Dennis, the installer, was very nice and helpful. I love having daylight in my dining room! The night light in one of the tubes lights the way to the kitchen during the night. I am planning on installing a couple of more in the near future. This company is awesome in every way.
Sep 13, 2017
SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
Beautiful product. Fast clean install. The amount of additional light into our home is amazing. A value $$ adding improvement.
Sep 13, 2017
SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
We had our first Solatube installed in our hall bath which needed extra light. That worked out so well we added an additional one in the hall. Both installations were done quickly and professionally by competent, courtesy workmen. Every detail was handled perfectly. Happy to recommend this great product.
Sep 13, 2017
Google SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
Professional service. On time, work performed exactly as described in estimate. Highly recommend. Totally satisfied with my Solatube skylight, the night light option is great.
May 15, 2017
Facebook SOLA-LITE Inland Empire
I just had SOLA LITES installed in two very dark bathrooms. What a major difference and I am thrilled. In addition, the installer was very helpful and pleasant.